"Parking Services Of HD Protactive Services"

HD Protactive Parking Enforcement guards abide by the parking by laws set out by the municipalities around the GTA and issue parking tags accordingly.

The parking area of a property is one of the first experiences a guest or resident has with their visit. At all times it should be well maintained, organized and under control.HD Protective offers Parking Enforcement Services for commercial and residential premises. Professionally trained by Toronto Police Services

Our Services Included

Enforce municipal parking bylaws in parking lots and garages, tow vehicles if necessary
Parked Car surveys for clients
Parking permit systems
Parking enforcement guards/mobile guards
Installation and maintenance of warning signs
24/7 response capability
Tagging & towing to enforce those rules by approved tow company from Toronto parking enforcement

HD parking enforcement Guards attend court for trial , on the client’s behalf photographic records may be presented at trial.

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