Patrol Guard

"Patrol Guard Services Offered By HD Protective Services"

HD Protective Services Building patrol Guards primary function is to

Detect and Deter

Patrolling the premises of residences or building to detect suspicious activity assist tenants and ensure the safety of occupants. HD Protective Services Security Guards are hand selected from the best in the industry. They undergo a rigorous background screening and have gone through a strict licensing process in law enforcement and often times, the military as well.

Security With the Highest Standards And Personal Attention.

  • Monitor entrance of property through surveillance.
  • Identify visitors and ask for appropriate documents.
  • Guard against theft and maintain security.
  • Respond to alarms and calls of distress.
  • Stop suspicious people and ask for identification.
  • Enforcement to the Trespass to Property Act, Criminal Code for intruders and trespassers.
  • Investigate thefts and file police reports.
  • Floor by floor foot patrol with patrol route verification with electronic report.
  • Issue banning orders (NPEs) to offenders and trespassers
  • Report rule infractions and violations.
  • Inspect and adjust security systems, equipment to ensure operational use and to detect evidence of tampering.
  • Regulate and monitor building systems.
  • Patrol Guard, on each patrol, conduct a full external check of all buildings, including all external doors, windows and roller shutters.
  • Patrol guard visually inspect the “yard” and common areas.
  • Lock and UN lock common area and other secures facilities
  • Respond to resident concerns.
  • Use walkies-talkies, pagers, and cell phones to stay in contact with security person.

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