HD Special Services

"HD Special Services Offered By HD Protective Services"

HD protective Services Provide hospitality and protection with interpersonal skills, enthusiasm for specific resident and management requirements , at luxury Condominium and office buildings.

HD Protective Services Concierge are hand selected from the best in the industry. Diligently supervised and are selected based on levels of integrity, customer service, experience. Additionally, all of our concierge are insured, bonded, uniformed and display identification at all times for highest quality concierge services

  • Fully trained to handle fire panel system to make announcement in case of emergency (fire, flood and blackouts) to protect and comfort the resident in the discomfort situation.
  • Prompt response protocols HD protective Dispatch, Police, EMS, and fire department assistance.
  • HD Protective Concierges control and monitor access for all entrances for resident safely and comfort
  • HD Protective Concierges meet, greets resident and guests and exceed expectations services they are expecting.
  • Assist in Guest suite booking and party room booking.
  • Receiving resident guest in lobby and escorting them to guest suite, readily resolve issues to the satisfaction of guests. (IF Any).
  • Notify maintenance issues and work closely with property manager and management. To resolve issues at the earliest.
  • Work closely on the guidelinesoutlined from the management and Board.
  • Parking enforcement in garages and outdoor parking lots by MLEO (Metro Law Enforcement Officer) certified guards.
  • HD Protective Concierges Enforce city by-laws and deal with complaints.
  • Our Concierge’s specializes in Access and key control management.
  • HD Protective Concierge’s EnforceTrespass to Property Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER T.21 Criminal Code R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46

HD Protective Services has interactive report system that management receives. The report system involves E-Shift Report at the end of every shift right in their email inbox, No more waiting for a paper report, no need to fax or scan

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